Clyp Embed Widgets

Clyp Embed Widgets

Embedded Player

Embedding our player lets you share individual Clyps on your website or blog. The embedded player is available to anyone who uploads to Clyp, regardless of if an account has been created. The embed link can be found on the right-hand side of the player page, directly beneath the regular Clyp link and the social icons. Keep in mind that the embed player is disabled for private Clyps. You can see a sample of the embed code below along with the embed player, which is showcasing Eric Clapton's tribute to legendary New Orleans musician Allen Toussaint.

<iframe width="100%" height="265" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Embedded Recorder

The embedded recorder allows you to place our online voice recorder directly on your website or blog. Just like the embedded player, using the recorder doesn't require an account. Give it a try below or simply copy the code to add the embed recorder to your site.

<iframe width="400" height="400" src="" frameborder="0" style="border-radius: 4px;"></iframe>